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Ultimate Technology ltd was formed in 2010 and acquired the Amphicoach brand, to take it to a new level and to drastically reduce delivery times whilst increasing customer’s options and vehicle quality.

Our Management team:
Stephen Morrison Smith
Managing Director and General Manager
Born in Glasgow, Stephen moved to Malta at the age of six with his family. Being raised on a small island in the Mediterranean, Stephen has always had a keen interest in boating and sailing, hence after attending St Martin’s College with a focus on business and science areas, Stephen then attended maritime college for three years and subsequently became the youngest person in Malta to achieve a commercial master license complemented by a marine engineer grade one qualification.
In 2010 he formed Ultimate Technology Ltd. And designed three additional models of amphibious transport to the Amphicoach brand. Due to the major increase in interest from companies wishing to purchase these vehicles, in 2013 Stephen designed an amphibious transport vehicle that was suitable for mass production, by using an all new modular build procedure including an integral chassis, which to date is a first for amphibious transport vehicles. In 2014 he designed and added another six models to the range.
Stephen has also been extensively involved in the training of personnel of companies who purchased amphibious vehicles for tourism purposes, whilst taking time to engage in marketing concepts, such as a game based on the amphibious vehicle, available on PC, android and apple formats.

Norman David Tabone
Production Manager
Born in Malta, Norman David grew up, and still resides in a coastal village in the south of Malta with his wife and two children. In his younger years he was engaged by the armed forces of Malta as a military vehicle mechanic, before moving on to be a part of the team of Hans Groop International, who are famous for their H-Boat sailing yachts. In 1984 he joined the production team of Barberis, who produced motor yachts ranging from 43’ to 53’ and a sailing boat range up to 43’. By 1990 Norman David had opened his own boat construction business producing 7 different models ranging from 8’ to 30’ for fishing and pleasure purposes. In 2012 he decided to join our team as our product intrigued him and he felt up for the challenge, bringing a great deal of marine and production experience with him.
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Latest News
Sun, 3rd April, 2016

We now have an open top Amphicoach vehicle in stock for sale at a very reasonable price. The vehicle was used for demonstration and viewing purposes and is in as new condition. Please contact us for more information.

We have ex demonstration Euro V Amphicoaches for sale, in "as new" condition with very low hours of use/ mileage at very reasonable prices. Please contact us for further information.

A 3D software model of the Amphicoach vehicle has been tested and certified, to meet regulations of Intact and Damage Stability to section 14.1.2 of the Turkish code of practice for commercial vessels.

We are very excited that the chassis for the first Amphibious Search and Rescue vehicle by our company, will soon be in our factory. It has always been our goal to produce a vehicle that will provide aid to people and their community from natural disasters such as flooding when it is required, whilst keeping their dedicated public service personnel safe. Please contact us for further information.

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