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The first Amphicoach in Japan has started operations after excelling all the tests required by the Japanese authorities to achieve its operation certificate.

The Amphicoach GS1 2015 was the first certified amphibious vehicle in the world to boast the Euro VI emissions package* with automatic and Semi Automatic gearbox, whilst also meeting the E.U. regulations of commercial vehicles that came into force in November 2014. The GS1 is also the first amphibious passenger vehicle to include an internal chassis.

*For countries outside of the E.U. other engine, gearbox and emission packages are available.

The Amphicoach is able to operate both day and night, whether in fresh or salt water and can accommodate between 46 to 55 passengers, depending on the model variation required. All passenger centric models of the Amphicoach are capable of competing with the best-known manufacturers of passenger coaches and city tour vehicles, with regards to the vehicles performance on the road and passenger expectations. 

The major impact of this unique product is that due to extensive research and development and with a completely new design in 2014, the Amphicoach excels in the water with superior stability and maneuverability whilst under sail. The opinion of marine experts involved in the production of previous models, are that the latest models are even more refined.

All of the above has been achieved without any modifications to the Type Approved chassis used to manufacture these vehicle's, which ensures full compliance to all E.U. Legislation for Passenger Vehicles and Passenger Vessels, and also all relevant legislation and type approved chassis for other countries that our vehicles will be supplied to.

The Coaches hulls can be built using 6mm and 12mm Marine Grade Aluminium (Hydro 5083) or with 3mm and 6mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel, which increases stability when afloat.

The uniquely designed watertight-compartmented hull design includes collision bulkheads that help to make the coach relatively unsinkable. In the unlikely event that the hull is breached or swamped, the vehicle will remain completely upright and afloat. Each compartment has its own individual bilge pump system, or can be foam filled at the customers' request, making it the safest solution to amphibious passenger transport in the world.

The vehicles are powered by one main engine that powers the wheels and a single marine jet. This allows the vehicle to travel at highway speed with ease and nine knots and over in the water, depending on engine horsepower. 

The Amphicoach can maneuver in the tightest of spaces in the water and can rotate 360 degrees in its own length. Single or twin propeller drive through a marine gearbox's can also be supplied.

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Latest News
Sun, 3rd April, 2016

We now have an open top Amphicoach vehicle in stock for sale at a very reasonable price. The vehicle was used for demonstration and viewing purposes and is in as new condition. Please contact us for more information.

We have ex demonstration Euro V Amphicoaches for sale, in "as new" condition with very low hours of use/ mileage at very reasonable prices. Please contact us for further information.

A 3D software model of the Amphicoach vehicle has been tested and certified, to meet regulations of Intact and Damage Stability to section 14.1.2 of the Turkish code of practice for commercial vessels.

We are very excited that the chassis for the first Amphibious Search and Rescue vehicle by our company, will soon be in our factory. It has always been our goal to produce a vehicle that will provide aid to people and their community from natural disasters such as flooding when it is required, whilst keeping their dedicated public service personnel safe. Please contact us for further information.

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